Tony and Desley Banks

We engaged Craig Christie from ASI Planning because we knew we were going to have to work hard to get our subdivision application approval.  Despite not fully complying with Council’s codes and receiving objections, Craig was able to provide a brilliant argument and Council approved the development in record time.  Craig kept us really well informed of the progress of the application and helped us understand the issues.  We worked together as a team and I am so happy with the development approval.

Damien Boehm Development Manager - Oz Building Developments

Working with Craig gives us absolute confidence in our decisions which gives us significant peace of mind.  Craig has extensive development knowledge and experience and is able to provide quick responses to our questions and our needs.  It is rare to find a planner with exceptional problem solving and negotiating skills.  We highly recommend the services ASI Planning provides.

Amanda Webb – Property Prospects

I have referred Craig to many of my clients, used Craig for several of my property projects and will continue to use Craig as my preferred Town Planner. Craig has managed to get through council difficult properties that other Town Planners have not. I did a MCU on a hostel that required 12 car parks, with room only for 8. Craig submitted such a wonderful argument that the council saw our way, producing a DA in half the required time. Thank you Craig for a fantastic job, love your work.

Jason Krueger - Director, Neo Building Design

Thanks Craig, you're now my new best friend. The fact you recognised that our client's project can be risksmart assessed means a huge reduction in fees from the quote we initially received from another planning firm. The client is over the moon about this and is very excited about getting development approval in just 5 days.

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